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on the hanamichi


In the Japanese art of kabuki there is a stage device called the hanamichi which translates literally as "flower path". It is a raised wooden platform connecting the front of the stage to the back of the auditorium; allowing actors to make their extravagant entrances and exits and perform dances, so that the action of the play is often carried out into the body of the audience. I like to also think of the hanamichi (flower path) as a symbol for the physical, intellectual, spiritual and artistic journey that one leads through life. In kabuki the discipline of movement, the craftsmanship of costume, make-up and stage design, the study of song, dance, music, painting and poetry are pivotal parts of the actors' art and require life-long practise to master.


It is in this spirit that I have decided as of the Lunar New Year, Sunday 22nd January 2023, I will keep a daily document of my journey 'on the flower path' through kabuki. Each day I will share a video of my thoughts, insights, observations and developments relating to kabuki and my practise as an actor, writer and theatre maker. Through this project I hope to inspire, stimulate and enrich the lives of others and in the words of David Bowie, "understand more about myself and how I co-exist with the rest of society".

Join me on the hanamichi here:

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